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Lesson 02 – Configure SketchUp

Video Contents

  • Load “SketchUp Australia Template” and save as default template
  • Load “Learn SketchUp – L01 Start – Coloured Cube”
  • Activate and arrange Toolsets
  • Activate and arrange Default Tray Dialogs
  • SketchUp Model Info
  • SketchUp Preferences
  • Shortcut preferences file for PC
  • Shortcut “preferences file” for Mac is more hassle than it’s worth, so use the “Shortcut Cheat Sheet” to add your shortcuts manually
  • Note: All shortcuts quoted in the rest of the course relate to the recommended shortcuts for Windows, Mac users should refer to their cheat sheet if they aren’t sure
  • Shutdown Cycle

Optional Downloadable Lesson Materials
Download these files if you don’t have access to the correct files for this lesson.