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Course Introduction Video Content

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Outline
  • Most of the course is recorded on a PC, but where there’s a need, a Mac recording is also available
  • Online Training Portal Introduction

Trouble accessing the Lessons?

If you’ve purchased the course, but are unable to access the lessons below, please log-out of the SketchUp Australia website, then log back in with the account that was nominated during the course purchase process.
Log-in to SketchUp Australia

If you continue to experience access issues, please let us know via our Technical Support portal so we can help you get up and running as soon as possible.
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Completing this course

To complete this course, you’ll need to mark every lesson complete and also complete all the quizzes. Once that’s all done, you’ll be able to access and download your course completion certificate from the top of this page.

To participate in this course, you will need access to:

  • SketchUp 2021 Pro or Studio (the 30-day trial version will suffice)
  • A computer and operating system that meet SketchUp's minimum System Requirements (https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/system-requirements)
  • A high speed internet connection capable of streaming full HD video (1080p)
  • A mouse with at least 3 clickable buttons and a wheel (on most mice, the wheel is a clickable button)
    • An "Apple Magic Mouse" is not suitable
    • A Trackball mouse is not suitable
    • A Trackpad is not suitable

The following course materials are provided:

  • The course content is delivered by your trainer via a pre-recorded online video.
  • All the SketchUp model files you need to complete the course
  • Imported files (JPG, PNG, DWG, DAT) will either be included in the course materials download file, or your trainer will walk you through the search and download process from external sites as part of the training, so you can find and download files/content yourself in the future.

Course Content

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Course Preparation
Navigation and Selection
Basic Drawing Exercise
3D Playground Exercise
3D House and Terrain Exercise
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