Let’s find the best SketchUp Educational Plan for you.


For Students

$90 AUD/yr + GST


For Educators

$90 AUD/yr + GST


For Institutions

Tiered Pricing

Important information about SketchUp Educational Plans

Students, Educators and Educational Institutions must provide proof of EDU eligibility with your purchase.

SketchUp Student subscriptions are only available for individuals participating in valid courses of longer than 3 months full time (or equivalent). Make sure to explore our SketchUp shortcuts and templates to aid you in getting started.

Please see below important Terms and Conditions & Frequently Asked Questions.

All SketchUp Education Subscriptions expire 1 year from the start date of the subscription. You pay once at the start and you’re entitled to use all the features contained within your chosen SketchUp Subscription for 1 year. SketchUp Education Subscriptions do NOT automatically renew. If at the end of the subscription term, you are still eligible for a SketchUp Education Subscription for another year, you will need to place a new order with up-to-date proof of your continued eligibility.

You will lose access to the Products and Services afforded by your Subscription. Not renewing your subscription does not necessarily mean you will lose all of your files. You can save your files on your own computer for safekeeping. As long as you keep those saved files up to date you can continue to open them in the free version of SketchUp for Web. However, if your saved files rely on some extensions that are not available in the free version of SketchUp for Web, you may experience loss of functionality.

There are no partial refunds if you stop using your subscription before the end of the term.

However, you do have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund for your SketchUp subscription. After 14 days, you cannot obtain a refund.

To request a refund for your SketchUp subscription, Contact Us.

Each subscription is intended for use by an individual (1) named user (person) for the duration of the subscription term.

Each SketchUp Edu subscription can be authorised on up to 2 devices (plus 1 iPad) at the same time. You can deauthorise your subscription from a device (or all devices) to move the authorisation(s) to different devices. Only  1 of these authorised devices can be actively using SketchUp at any time (each subscription is only to be used by 1 person after all). You can mix authorisations between PCs and Macs.

We strive to deliver new subscriptions within 1 full business day (typically within a few hours of payment being received). However, your proof of EDU eligibility requires manual verification, which sometimes involves contacting the relevant educational institution, and so delays of some days can sometimes occur. If you have not received email confirmation that your new subscription(s) are ready/available within 2 full business days, please let us know.