Although Layout got a bit of a bad wrap when it was first released (many years ago!) – it has become one of the most powerful, artistic and expressive 2D drawing packages available.

Most people hate drafting in 2D. But like creating 3D models in SketchUp – Layout brings the fun! And it is much more than just a drafting board. You can create amazing presentations, diagrams, marketing material – and so much more!

Layout is also easy to learn – but if you want to get good fast and become a master – you will want to take our Learn Layout online course!

From 3D model to 2D drawings

Translate true design intent with ease. Combine SketchUp models with text and 2D vector illustration for beautiful presentations and construction documents.

Communicate clearly


LayOut helps you show your client or partner that you’ve captured what you have discussed, and move the project forward confidently.

Context and details

Never wonder if your drawings are clearly communicating what your intentions are. Clearly call out materials, lengths and details to your contractor, builder, or interior designer.

Real–world scale

Easily explain the intricate detail of one model, and show real-world scale… all on one page.

Custom title blocks

Make your drawings yours with a selection of professional title block templates. ​​​​

Or, get our Australian Layout Templates for only $50!

Multiple views

Get buy–in faster. Communicate it all in one place: all the angles, all the details, all the context.

3D details are the future – and they’re a breeze with SketchUp!

Associative dimensions

Need to make a change to your model? LayOut instantly updates dimensions, labels, and model geometry when you make the change in SketchUp. Easy.

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