SketchUp – The Uncomplex Solution

With operations spanning Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Papua New Guinea, CPB Contractors is... Read More


New updates in SketchUp Pro 2021

We’re happy to announce some more updates in SketchUp Pro. The goal of this... Read More


The benefit of point clouds

Want to learn about how you can hire an X7 to scan your next... Read More


SketchUp Studio Relaunch: Advance your workflow

We’ve been busy evolving the Studio offering to make it [even] more robust for... Read More


Scan Essentials is now part of SketchUp Studio

Happy SketchUpping! Who’s ready for some good news? It wasn’t that long ago that... Read More


V-Ray 5 is now part of SketchUp Studio

Do you need to generate high-quality images of your designs to excite your clients... Read More


Considering building performance during conceptual design

SketchUp Sefaira Daylight Analysis Visualization. Image courtesy of SketchUp The paradox of early design... Read More


SketchUp turns 20 years old!

Although SketchUp has just turned 20 years old, you would never know it! SketchUp... Read More


Introducing SketchUp PreDesign

Looking for simple ways to access helpful climate insights? Do you want to better... Read More


A new look for SketchUp

With the launch of 2021, you can’t help but notice that this update is... Read More


SketchUp 2021 is here!

SketchUp 2021: Building a Foundation for Success Have an active subscription (or still in... Read More


SketchUp Australia YouTube Channel

Have you seen our new YouTube Channel? SketchUp Australia YouTube Channel We’re working hard... Read More


Massive update for SketchUp 2020: It’s time to throw away your other 2D drawing software

With SketchUp moving to subscription only, we are living up to the promise of... Read More


Connecting Nearmap high-res imagery to SketchUp!

Awesome update alert! Drum roll please… We are excited to announce high-res imagery in... Read More


Bringing Landscapes to life: The TPLA way

Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture, with sole operator Tristan Peirce is quite possibly a name... Read More


3D content: How to get the most from 3D Warehouse manufacturers

No matter what industry you’re in, efficiency is key to meeting tight timelines and... Read More


Builders: Changing the way you build with Trimble layout technology

In October 2019, we wrote an article on the same topic about an Australian... Read More


SketchUp to become 100% subscription

Today, Trimble announced a big change to how customers will be able to purchase... Read More


How The Escape Game was made with SketchUp

You can get in, but you may not be able to get out of... Read More


User-friendly updates to SketchUp Pro 2020

Based heavily on user feedback, SketchUp polished up a few features that will keep... Read More


Workplace furniture design: the Danish way

Ten years ago, Icons of Denmark established itself as a distributor of Danish furniture... Read More


Trimble Scan Essentials for SketchUp

A new decade, a massive new dimension to SketchUp is on its way. Introducing... Read More


Bringing it all home with SketchUp

SketchUp is not just for Pros! It is the perfect weapon for Home-owners looking... Read More


3D Printing with SketchUp

Did you know that SketchUp is the perfect tool for 3D printing?! In SketchUp,... Read More


Design at Starbucks: Brewing the right stuff

SketchUp rendering of the Starbucks Reserve Bar at Brookfield Place, NY. Images courtesy of... Read More


Work from home, but stay connected with Trimble SketchUp!

Introducing Trimble Connect Did you know that one of the most powerful tools that... Read More


From furniture and fixtures to tech-savvy workspaces: See the Grammarly office in Kyiv

Leading architecture and interior design firm, balbek bureau, was chosen to design an entirely... Read More


Designing innovative workplace interiors with 3DEA Bulgaria

Ivan Borov got the 3D bug at fourteen when he collaborated with a friend... Read More


The digital transformation in commercial interiors

SketchUp Official recently chatted with Michael Kanoza, a product graphics analyst in the special... Read More


No SketchUp? No thanks, says Field Office Architecture

Life without SketchUp? No thanks, says Field Office Architecture, an award-winning practice based in Melbourne,... Read More


SketchUp 2020 is here

Say hello to SketchUp 2020! We’re introducing new ways to organize your model, custom... Read More


How De Vries Designs win projects with SketchUp

Landscape designer Sam de Vries has married his practical and theoretical skills to stunning... Read More


Wow your clients with amazing presentations

Part 2 of 2 In part 1 of this series, we revealed how to... Read More


How to win interior design projects with SketchUp

Part 1 of 2 Pitching for a new project is one of the most... Read More


Why Communication is key for Studio Nine

“SketchUp’s power is its flexibility & speed in communicating ideas” Agility and flexibility are... Read More


SketchUp to Site with the Trimble Total Station

“The days of pegs, lines & tape measures are over” A builder and draftsman... Read More


Around the world with SketchUp

This month, we’re taking a trip around the world to celebrate all the places... Read More


A pressure valve for busy architects

Running an architectural practice is hard, but many companies are unaware that help is... Read More

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