Introducing the next generation of BIM: VDC

This is Virtual Design & Construction. Design & Estimate with real building components (walls, roofs, slabs, windows/doors), using real Australian products.

Easy to use

BIM & Estimating software are normally difficult to learn. PlusSpec for SketchUp will get you producing in no time.


Draw 15 times faster than with SketchUp alone. When you make changes – everything updates automatically.

Take Control

Design, Draft, Detail, Value Engineer, Control Budget, Quantify, Coordinate, Procure, Deliver. All in one

It’s like combining…

CAD, Spreadsheets, Estimating, Drafting & 3D Visualization.

The power of BIM & Estimating with the FREEDOM of SketchUp!

If you are a Builder: Quote with Confidence

Everything you see & associate with your model will be quantified accurately & efficiently so you know your margins.

You will want PlusDesignBuild.

If you are an Architect/Designer: Take control

The Devil is in the details. Create rich BIM + VDC models, with real Australian products. Communicate feasibility/budget like never before.

You will want PlusSpec – although PlusDesignBuild would take your work to the next level.


$900 AUD/yr + GST

For Architects & Designers


$2589 AUD/yr + GST first year, then $900 AUD/yr

For Builders

Terms and Conditions

You need SketchUp to use PlusSpec & PlusDesignBuild. Have any questions? Contact us

*The 7 day trial requires credit card signup. PLEASE CANCEL AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP SO YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED.

After the trial, purchase your subscription via our online store.

*all prices shown in Australian dollars


Number of Activations11
VDC (structure)YesYes
Product LibraryYesYes
Feasibility / Take-offYesYes
Advanced EstimatingNoYes
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