• The NEW SketchUp Pro 2019 has landed – and here is what’s new.

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    The SketchUp that you know and love… but so much more.

    If you’re already a SketchUp user, you know the reasons you love using SketchUp for 3D design and modeling. From the easy-to-use software and simple integration to the high-quality outputs that you need to impress your clients – it’s the perfect software for your toolkit. But what if SketchUp could do even more for you?

    Introducing SketchUp Pro 2019.

    SketchUp evolves regularly to ensure that you’re getting the premium product that you need and deserve, and this year is no exception! Your SketchUp software has been boosted to a whole new level so that you can continue to impress your clients and produce your best work possible.

    Even if you’re new to SketchUp, 2019 will offer you a whole new experience with all the fundamentals SketchUp has lived up to for years including…

    • Develop fully documented drawings including text, graphics and dimensions;
    • Experience software that’s so easy and intuitive to use that you don’t need extensive training to get started;
    • Integration with a library of extensions to use on your models including renders and interiors.


    What’s New in SketchUp Pro 2019?

    Interface Upgrades

    There have been some changes made to the overall interface and toolbar so it will be easier to manage your programs and licenses. Open new projects or recently used documents at the click of a button or see your licensing information with easy access.

    And this is just the beginning.

    • Line Styles
      • Solid lines can’t always tell the full story in a 2D or 3D model, and your clients may need something extra to really understand your design idea. So dashed lines have been introduced into SketchUp Pro 2019. Controlled from the layers panel, these dashes are properties of Layers and as simple to use as solid lines.
      • These dashed lines can be exported as EPS, PDF, and DWG/DXF, or even printed directly!
    • DWG Importer/Exporter

      Integration is the key to your success – and now it’s even easier for you to shift between different apps and programs. Continue to take advantage of DWG libraries with Import/Export of the 2018 DWG file format now supported.

    • SketchUp Tape Measure Tool
      • Everyone’s favourite and essential Tape Measure Tool has had an upgrade! Spend less time opening the tool in 2019 – see the length of edges, areas of faces and coordinates by simply viewing an inference tip.
      • Get the information you need at the touch of a button!
    • LayOut File Locking
      • Ever make unintentional edits that take far too long to put back to the way it was? Well, that’s about to become a problem of the past! SketchUp has made it harder to overwrite LayOut files. If a file is opened in two separate LayOut instances, it will temporarily lock the file as “read only” – simple!


    Change the Way You do Business in 2019

    These innovations have been made so that you can not only wow your clients and stakeholders but to make your life easier as well. Whether you’re using 2D or 3D modeling for game design, architecture, fashion, landscaping, graphic or interior design or anything else you can imagine, SketchUp is the right choice for you.

    With commercial and education licenses available, our accessible design software is suitable for all skill levels and budgets. If you’re just starting out or have used a suite of other products, SketchUp is easy to learn with an intuitive interface that will give you elegant designs, every time.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    2019 has already kicked off, get with the times!  

    Find out what SketchUp Pro 2019 can do for you, or simply update to the latest version to take your 2D and 3D modelling to a whole new level. Find out what you’re missing with our 30-Day Free Trial, or contact us to find out more about how SketchUp works and how to add it to your toolkit.

  • How Sketchup Gave Voice to Architect’s Vision

    May 28th, 2018 | by
    3D Design - Buy sketchup pro australia read more

    Creating a space with a multiple of uses is never an easy task. Communicating the architects’ solutions to the brief not only to clients but also to those creating the actual buildings is one of SketchUp’s many advantages, as this project for a Victoria school demonstrates.

    For LAW Architects in Melbourne, its design for Viewbank College’s Performing Arts Centre and STEAM Precinct would have been an even more formidable project without SketchUp.

    2D Sketch of the Performing Art's Centre using SketchupNot only that, but the program’s use-friendliness meant they could create their own plug-ins to get the job done and set standards for best practice.

    The Performing Art’s Centre Project

    The Performing Arts Centre, when completed, will be a two-storey facility comprising of a flexible auditorium and theatre staging, including back of house technical, storage and handling facilities, front-of house gathering and foyer spaces and associated drama and music learning spaces.

    The program includes additional general learning classrooms and a purpose built Materials Technology facility as part of the college’s broader learning and curriculum strategy. A new canopy will provide a weather-protected link with the refurbished adjoining two storey building to create a STEAM learning precinct.

    How Architects Use Sketchup to Work on this Project

    Video of 3D sketch of the project using Sketchup software

    SketchUp was employed by LAW Architects from day one of the project, including being used to assess where best in the landscape the buildings would work.

    The team built up basic ‘blocks’ to help convey the design in its environment. These were shared with the stakeholders and the siting was agreed on, moving the project to the next stage of architectural concepts.

    Facade 2D sketch using Sketchup

    “The design solution for this project led to a complex arrangement of flexible spaces which would have been challenging to communicate without the use of SketchUp,” said senior architect and design consultant Barde Gregory.

    “With complex projects such as this, the model is organised and constructed in parts as separate SketchUp files. SketchUp is used through the design sequence, from concept through to detail design. These parts are necessary because members of the team must be able to work on the project at the same time.”

    The team developed the Cross Reference Organiser plugin to allow each team member to progress their design in their model space while importing other team members’ parts as Cross Referenced components.

    3D drawing of auditorium using Sketchup

    A key element of the tool’s functionality is that it prevents a re-importation and superposition of many instances of each project part when team members are importing the contents of each others’ model space – no-one can over-write someone else’s work.

    The parts are worked on and then subsequently assembled into a master model file, reflecting a construction-like hierarchy, which is supported by a layer naming method, for instance: 1.Context, 2.Site, 3.Structure, 4.Enclosure, 5.Interior, etc.

    Segregation of the model enables not only teams working within the office environment, but potentially with other design disciplines.

    For example, the sub-contractor’s structural steel model was used for review against the SketchUp model for conformance to design intent, and also to identify structural clashes.

    SketchUp has also given LAW Architects, on this job and others, a high-level diagnostic tool, allowing adjustments more easily, for example, on this project, it easily allowed the team to identify if the building had enough room for its uses.

    Above view of the Performing Art's Centre 2d sketch

    As well, the ability to create videos means conveying the building to clients and other parties is much easier and more effective, as the clip accompanying this article demonstrates.

    “Without SketchUp, all aspects of the design and creation of this quite complex building would have been considerably more difficult to achieve and communicate,” Barde said.

    BuildingPoint is the expert in design-build-operate. Contact us to find out how we can help your practice as Australia’s authorised distributor of SketchUp.

  • Students Get In Touch With Lost Art Using SketchUp

    May 24th, 2018 | by
    Tamworth Students - Buy sketchup pro student read more

    About 10 years ago, TAFE NSW carpentry teacher Graeme Wilton sat down in front of SketchUp for the first time.

    “I drew a square, then made it 3D and rotated it … and I thought, bloody hell, this is marvellous!” Graeme, better know as Willo, recalls. “Straight away I could see this could really change the way we teach.”

    Fast forward to today and the carpentry faculty at the Tamworth campus of TAFE NSW has done just that – and given a skill set of old a new lease on life as carpentry students come to grips with the often tricky geometry and theory of roof framing.

    “The traditional method of roof framing needs some pretty complex geometry,” Willo says. “Over the years most students and teachers have not gotten into it and we’ve lost that traditional skill in favour of pre-made components. But when I saw SketchUp for the first time in 2008 I could see how it could teach this lost art without all the geometry theory that does everyone’s head in.”

    TAFE NSW carpentry class

    Not everyone shared Willo’s enthusiasm and vision for how SketchUp could work for the faculty (“Everyone said ‘you’ll never get computers for carpentry’,” Willo recalls) but he found an ally in head teacher Grant Bowden.

    “Grant was into it. He got the computers into our classroom almost a decade ago and we’ve gone from strength to strength,” Willo said.

    “In the old days we’d give it our best shot in the theory stage and then go into the workshop and basically start again – every student would need guidance to get on track. With SketchUp we can cover the theory in 2-3 hours by drawing models of what we will build so when we get into the workshop the job’s largely done.”

    “That’s not to say some students don’t need help as they go along, but as they’ve created 3D models they can see what’s what, they can problem solve more easily and they know before they set foot in the workshop if their design is going to work in real life or not.”

    “We also do construction sequences so they can work out in what order to build – and how it will work. Willo said SketchUp also meant students could tackle projects previously out of reach, “We are now not constrained by physical resources.”

    “Our students can create large roofing projects in 3D that we could never do in real life because we don’t have the room or the materials. It’s a huge advantage. The thing is, if you work in simulation, good simulation, it makes it real.”TAFE NSW carpentry class using Sketchup

    How A Local SketchUp Helps

    Willo said having a local contact for SketchUp had made a big difference to the team.

    “In the past we were dealing with Trimble in the US”, he said. “It is great having a local company in BuildingPoint for the purchase and maintenance of our SketchUp licences and for the on-going support that we desperately need. Just having someone who can work in metres and millimetres rather than feet and inches is a real bonus and I can’t overstate the value of being in the same time zone when you need help in a hurry.”

    “SketchUp in Australia is the icing on the 3D modelling cake.”

  • Perth SketchUp Training: June 6th or 7th

    May 16th, 2018 | by
    Perth Training - Buy sketchup pro read more

    Would you like to join us in Perth this June?

    We’ve recently had a successful run of our 1-Day SketchUp Essentials course for beginners in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and have been asked whether we’re holding courses in Perth, so we’re looking to travel that way on June 6th or 7th.

    Before we do, we want to see who would be able to join us. You can see all the course details below. If you have any questions or want to tentatively book in, please call us on: 07 3851 8358 or email: sketchup@buildingpoint.com.au.

    We’re happy to offer bundled discounts for training + licensing packages. Have a friend or colleague that wants to get trained up as well? Refer them to receive a discount.

    Perth Sketchup Essentials training banner

    Date: TBA – either Wednesday, June 6th OR Thursday, June 7th

    Time: Please plan to be there for 8:00 AM to setup. We will begin at 8:30 AM sharp.

      Location: TBA – Central Perth location

        Price: $550.00 total including GST

        SketchUp skills you will walk away with:

        • Confidently setting up and navigating the SketchUp Pro interface
        • Creating 2D geometry drawings
        • Creating 3D geometry models
        • Understanding how to apply: groups and components, materials and textures, section cuts and styles, and how to use the sandbox tools
        • Understanding how to use the visualisation tools to present your designs
        • Creating a 3D model for a house from floor plans
        • Understanding how to use LayOut for your 2D modelling and documentation 

        What you will get:

        • Small group course with our in-house technical consultant
        • All training materials will be provided
        • We will supply light refreshments and lunch
        • SketchUp Australia Certificate of Completion

        What you need to bring: 

        • Bring your own laptop, and please be sure it meets the minimum software & hardware requirements
        • Your 3-button, scroll-wheel mouse. This is necessary to properly use SketchUp and complete the course.
        • Your laptop will need to have Pro 2018 installed before you arrive. If you don’t already own a license, you can download the 30-day free trial here

      • Sketchup Helps in Building Outdoor Kitchen Designs to Life

        March 30th, 2018 | by
        Infresco Outdoor Kitchen - Buy sketchup pro australia read more

        Turning ideas, or, indeed, dreams, into reality is something SketchUp excels at.

        For an Australian company, turning their clients’ dream outdoor kitchens into a reality is their business – and SketchUp plays a big part in it.

        Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens, a WA business that’s recently launched in Victoria, designs, manufactures and installs outdoor kitchens that take the humble backyard barbecue area to a whole new level, making its own products under the Infresco name.

        What sets it apart from other businesses is that it specialises in areas that are partially indoor or enclosed, manufacturing and installing barbecues, ovens and the like that are government-approved for use in those kinds of areas.


        Outdoor kitchen in Perth infresco

        [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

        Infresco outdoor kitchen designed using Sketchup



        Infresco kitchen designed using Sketchup

        [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

        Kitchen designed using Sketchup software


        Ricardo Solomons, who is the firm’s agent in Victoria and who literally worked his way up from his apprenticeship, said SketchUp was proving an invaluable tool for Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens.

        “Clients come to us with photos of the area they want to transform, or simple sketches on paper or even just ideas in their heads,” he said. “We use SketchUp to design the kitchen to their needs, to their specific wish list. We use it to form the basis of our quotes as well. Our customers love it – they can clearly see what the finished kitchen will look like and how it will function.”

        “Once the client is happy with every aspect of the project, we pass on the finalised SketchUp plans to the production team who literally create the kitchen’s components from the files. It means there’s just no margins for errors. We get them right the first time.”

        “Everyone has their own mind’s eye and with SketchUp we can translate that vision, we can communicate ideas effectively. We’ve found SketchUp makes the plans ‘real’ for a lot of our clients.”

        “SketchUp has made everyone’s life simpler. We start off every project right and it stays that way all the way through to the finished kitchen.”

        Ricardo said SketchUp’s potential continued to impress him and that he felt he and the team were continuing to learn more and discover more uses for it within their business.

        Visit their website here, and check out their Facebook page: here.

      • Create Constructible Designs with PlusSpec

        March 26th, 2018 | by
        Constructible design with plus spec read more
        What if we told you you can bring together the power of CAD, Estimation, 3D Modelling, 2D planning, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Design Construction into one easy-to-use package?

        PlusSpec is adesign, planning, estimation and construction tool used mainly for residential projects. We’ve partnered with RubySketch to offer PlusSpec as a game-changing addition to your SketchUp Pro.

        Using ready-made building materials from real manufacturers to create your design means you will model in less than half the time than with SketchUp alone. These materials include all the data you need to value your project in real-time as you make updates to your model.

        Building Design using PlusSpec

        Advantages of PlusSpec for SketchUp Pro:

        • Total customisation:

          One of the most powerful features of PlusSpec is the ability to customise. You can easily create every material or product you need for your designs – that’s if they’re not already in the extensive library! You can create your own unique materials library that will be available for use at any time, for any project.

        • It will be a BIM model:

          Every aspect of your model will be ‘smart’ and will include all the data you need to bring your design to life such as: quantities, pricing, product names and codes, specifications, warranties, general notes, and more.

        • Everything you draw is parametric:

          Never redraw anything again. Simply change materials, heights, diameters, thickness, floor plans – all with a click of a button.

        • Create automatic estimates:

          Generate accurate takeoffs for your materials, quantities, labour hours, costs and more for amazingly quick quotes for your customers. Need to make a change? Your reports will update with your design.

        Roof Design using PlusSpec
        PlusSpec design building structure

      • Level Up with SketchUp Pro 2018

        March 20th, 2018 | by
        sketchup pro 2018 read more

        While the new year began on January 1 for most of the world, it’s been 2018 in the SketchUp universe for a few months already.

        We welcomed the launch of Version 2018 in November and, in the spirit of all things ‘new’, we introduced our new website sketchupaustralia.com.au.

        Curious about what SketchUp can do for you? Or maybe you’re using an outdated version? Now’s the time to find out what you’re missing out on with a 30-day free trial. Contact us to find out how SketchUp can help you and how to add it to your toolkit.

        We’re always keen to see what SketchUppers in Australia are working on. Tag #sketchupaus or contact us to be featured.

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